It is usually a misconception that victims of automobile collisions do not need attorneys.


California has laws that require employers to provide worker's compensation insurance.

Wage Hour

California law has established standards for payment of wages to employees.


When you need an attorney, where can you turn?

We hope you'll consider the Keller Law Office. Matthew J. Keller is an experienced local attorney serving Butte County and the surrounding areas. Our office specializes in Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation, and Wage Hour Claims

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  • We strive to deliver to each client the highest quality legal representation available.
  • What's more, we do so at a fair, not inflated, price.

The Keller Law Office:

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We offer a free initial consultation and evaluation of your case. To schedule an appointment, contact our Chico, California office.

Matthew Keller

Matthew J. Keller began his career in law in 2001 working as a law clerk handling workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. Mr. Keller obtained his juris doctorate degree ...

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